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Anyone know - Magnetic plug Q

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Would it be possible Nige, with your fab experience, to get a normal plug...turn a recess into the inner face, and glue in one of those Neodymium magnets that can be had quite cheaply?

The magnets can be had from Maplin and other places, thought it might be an option if no 'off the shelf' option exists.

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Its an odd plug, I'm guessing fabbing may be the only route :(

15/15 head for the spanner, then a flange thats wider than that, drops a tad the other side where the thread is,

but it is already recessed as a filter pops into it, have you any links for the magnets your thinking off,

if thin enough maybe resess extra amount into the plug and shorten the filter to allow for a magnetci disk ?

I do have a feeling this may be a blank in terms of off the shelf, so as I am so impressed with al the other major units now having magnet

plugs (both axles, T Box and Engine) only the primary box is excluded, fabbing may be a poss


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PM me your address, I've got a bunch of rare earth magnets here.

They are sufficiently strong that I don't think they'll need gluing to a drain plug. You'll struggle to pull one off once it's magneted on....

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