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Symptom Diagnisos Charts


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This forum is full of useful information. It is organised around how to fix something. The information is all located in a vast database, which can be difficult to find stuff, especially if you are looking for symptoms that are subjective.

There are a lot of questions which come up (and I am guilty of this too) where similar diagnostic questions are asked again and again.

I have come accross else where (marine desiel reference books) symptom charts and diagnostic charts which can be used to identify where common problems might be found. They are not comprehensive, but point to a number of possible causes.

For example for a TD5 (and probably incorrect!):

Engine power is low -

Does unplugging the plug on the MAF change the output - if so change the MAF

Is there oil on the plug to the ECU from the engine - if so follow the instructions here <relevant tech archive post>


What do you think of this type of diagnostic chart being put together? Where would be the best place to keep it?


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What do you think of this type of diagnostic chart being put together? Where would be the best place to keep it?

I have thought about this too, and even got as far as mentioning doing it (starting with "wobbly steering", which was common at the time). I think the Tech Archive is the place, and my suggested list would start with:

  • Wobbly steering
  • Won't start
  • Noises (gearboxes, propshafts, bearings, etc.)
  • Brakes
  • Basic electrics (lights / radio / ignition)
  • Model specific issues (Series / 90/110 / Defender 200TDi / Def 300TDi / Disco / RRC / P38 / Freelander etc.)

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Great Idea, as a relative newbie to this forum I do worry about asking things that have been covered to death in the past, but when searching I can't find anything....


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Aren't these matters normally covered in the official workshop manuals?

Not in the often eye-watering and interactive detail some of the diagnosis threads get into on here :D . The posts above make a good point: we get repeated questions because the answers aren't easy to find, with solutions buried in obscure posts.

Also remember that the WSMs are vehicle or engine specific, so some of our regulars would need about 5 books (and only three of those from Land Rover :ph34r: ) and some of the solutions are "unofficial".

OK then, since I've already started, shall I finish off the wobbly steering one and see what the house thinks?

Volunteers for some others? Don't be shy :)

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