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PAS lower seal

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Hi all,

I am trying to fix my leaking 4 bolts PAS-unit om my Defender 90 300TDI from 1994.

I got the seal kit (stc2847) and have removed the droparm and flushed to servo oil and old seals from the box.

The problem is that the content of the seal kit doesn't quite look like what the PAS unit spit out from the bottom.

From the PAS i got 3 old seals/washers:

-a flat rubber seal with a metal back plating

-a soft rubber seal

-a harder rubber seal / dust cap

Jeg attached a picture showing the contents of the seal kit - my problems are:

- The flat rubber seal with the metal back looks like the old one but the inner diameter seems to small. It slides on the axle from the bottom, but when it reaches the the top where the splines on the axle join, the diameter is to small and I can't push the seal further (I have only tried by hand - but have used quite a lot of force..).

- the soft rubber seal looks similar and fits on the axle, but the profile is different.

- The dustcap look similar - this should just go on as a finisher after I put the circlip on, right?

The rest of the items in the kit, doesnt look like they fit - I guess they are for the other parts of the PAS unit. (I only need to fix the lower axle.)

The instructions with the kit is non-existing - could anyone be kind and direct me in the right direction regarding the order these should be fitted, and what way the the go in?? :-)

kind regards,



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Hi Les,

Just to make sure I dont make any stupid mistakes..

which are which, and what way should they be facing, when I insert them?

Sorry for the level of detail required, I am compleetly on new territory here...


From the inside out it should be - high pressure seal, rubberised washer, soft seal, circlip.


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