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Free wheeling right or wrong

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Tell me if i am wrong, but when i jacked up the off side front wheel it turned freely and so did propshalf, now i thought, normally i had to jack up back and front to enable wheels to turn when greasing props etc, am i wrong or am i just losing it!!!!!

Its on a 300 tdi 1994

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Assuming the gearbox was in neutral, the gearbox would just spin, and so the wheel would turn freely.

If the tranny was in gear, then you'd find it hard/impossible to turn the wheel as you'd be turning the engine over.

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Bernie, NO, you do not have a fault............... the centre diff allows the front wheels to turn, even when the handbrake is on, this is exactly why land rover supply a chock with each vehicle for use when jacking, imagine changing a rear wheel, the vehicle is on a hill lets say, you raise the rear to change ne wheel, the other wheel can now turn due to one of the real wheels being off the ground, the front wheels can turn cos the handbrake doesn;t work on them, and hey presto, your land rover falls off the jack.... so, when jacking, use the chock...!!

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