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Hi, RRC 1989.

Taken off the bumpers to rub down and put some paint on, think landrover forgot...

Anyway, 21 year old rubber body mounts between body and chassis are looking very tired. Can you/has anyone replaced theirs one at a time, propping up the body around each one as you do it?

I see there's a bolt through the bracket on the body, rubber mount and bracket on the chassis. If you prop the body and undo and slide out the bolt will the mount slide out? Pop the new one in.. new bolt back through... tighten up... 21 more years service?!?

Also does anyone have part numbers for the rubber mounts? How many are there per mounting point? 2? I've had a look around and found 'ANR1504'. Is that it? Rimmers list a P38 part for that number but others list what looks like the right part.

Anyway, any help appreciated... cheers.

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They are dirt cheap.

ANR1504 Body Mount Rubber, £0.59

The bolt is £1.40 or £4.99 depending on year according to Paddocks.

The tricky bit is the washer/tube that goes up the middle of the rubbers.

I've only ever replaced them whilst replacing sills/crossmembers so I can't say if you can change it in situ.

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I changed mine recently as they looked very tired. After removal they were actually in very good condition - the cracking around the outside implied they were rotten but they far from it - perfectly usable condition. Change a couple of easy to reach mounts first - you might find the same

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Undoing one at a time may make it a little difficult. Unbolt one side at a time will make it a little easier. You will also find that it is only the lower one that will be a bit flattened. You can usually get away with no new ones and simply swap the rubbers top to bottom.

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