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Disco 300tdi front axle swap


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I managed to completely destroy my drivers wheel bearing yesterday and after a good friend 'noggy' tried to remove it along with the hub, we found out it had welded itself together.

We have resorted to buying a new axle as when we finally got it out the hub was not looking good/reusable.

So this may have been the cheapest option.

Could anyone please help with telling us the best way to swap the axles.

Is there an easy way to do it or will it just include lots of swearing.

Help is needed as soon as possible.



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Guest noggy

That's only the stub axle though, you don't need to replace the entire front axle!


:blush: Niamh is right... and this is what i realised today!

Im 19 and never taken an axle apart before, i didnt realise the stub axle was a separate part!

im learning!!! plus this has cheapend it quite a lot and made it SO much easier!

its an 'M' reg 300tdi disco... what stub axle will it need from paddocks?

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its an 'M' reg 300tdi disco... what stub axle will it need from paddocks?

ABS or non-ABS?

You'll need a stub axle, needle bearing, oil seal, thrust washer & gasket.

Plus of course hub, wheerl bearings etc. If you've been careful you should just be able to unbolt the existing brake disc and use that.


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