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I have a need?

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Right all,

The missus thinks im barkin, but I was messin about today in the back of the Landy and I had a thought?, we camp a bit using the Landy and I just got around to thinking how useful this would be?????


You may need to use a little bit of imagination as i've just knocked this up in publisher,so there is no covering on it, but hopefully I have explained enough for you to see? the orange frame is an add on, the two bars that are in the gutter are permanately there only slid back and housed in the gutter, the rest will be in a small tent sized bag, the whole frame is then covered with a tent/tarpaulin material making a water-proof awning, the side opposite the Landy's door and the end would be a roll up configuration giving you access to a storage or cooking area, yes pain in the arse when you wanna go shopping, but Im thinking of something quick to erect and dissassmble at the road-side for a bbq or cuppa or overnight on a camp site, what do you think?

Is this already on the market?


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I had one of these on my S111 SWB V8 20-years ago and even then it was a hand-me-down bought for my my parants first motorcaravan in 1980.

The idea was that the tent was freestanding but there were two swiveling arms that attached to the gutter on the back/side of the vehicle with a zip-up door. When the vehicle was attached the door was open and the arms attached to the gutter making a sealed entrance, when the vehicle was in use elsewhere the arms dropped down and the door was zipped up.

Very good and as already mentioned, various versions were/are marketed including the well known Caranex.

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