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Looking for a trim for the back of my 90 truck cab. the arrow point to the piece in the picture Below. Can anyone tell me A) What land rover would call it and B) is it available after market as i think land rovers price of £35 plus vat each is a little harsh,


Help Help Help!

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i think you are looking for the right hand side of http://www.landroverspares.co.uk/product.html?cpdID=2599 the part number is AQL710021 but just check the vin as there seem to be two different types listed on here on page 2 and 3 http://www.paddockspares.com/sp/cat/DEFENDER/sub/Body%5Fand%5FPanels/sid/579/sb2/3++Rear+Section+%2D+wings+rear+door+etc.html

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It call Rear Body Capping Part Number

MUC8716 RH MUC8717 LH to March 1990

// MXC8934 RH MXC8935 LH April 1990 to LA939975

// ALR7128 RH ALR7129 LH MA939976 TO TA995738

// ALR9104 RH ALR9103 LH TA995739 TO WA138479 E PRIME

//AQL710020 RH AQL710030 WA138480 TO11863BL E PRIME

//ALR8082 RH ALR8081 TO WA138479

//AQL710060 RH AQL7100070 LH FROM WA138480 E PRIME

As from Parts Catalogue 1987 to 2001 for LR 90 SECTION page N116

For dealers Check John Craddocks/ Paddocks/ Rimmer Bros/

Hope this helps the variant are due the light fitting I think maybe wrong and probably be corrected.

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