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Paint Quantities

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Hi Chaps,

I am soon to start spraying my project 90 (bare shell).

I am going to spray the whole thing including the insides of the tub and side windows (Zambesi silver and original batteship grey dont really mix).

I want to buy enough paint for any cock ups shortfall so that I have enough left over for respraying a panel in the future as well.

Anybody have a rough idea how much I will need it terms of base coat and laquer?

Your expert knowledge is appreciated.


G :)

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I'm currently respraying my 90, but in cellulose. I bought 15 litres of primer and 15 liters of top coat. It is plenty, i only have the roof and wings left to paint and I have most of a 10 litre tin left in both (primer and satin black).

Hope this helps, what paint medium are you using?


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Cheers Chaps,

I am planning on going cullulose as I dont have an airfed mask and value my health too much. ;)

I remember a couple of years ago they were talking of phasing out selly and moving towards water based paints.

Then they back tracked and I think you can still celly readily enough (I was told water based was expensive too)

Whilst on the topic I was going to buy a new gun and was thinking of getting an HVLP Devilbiss job. Any recommendations or would this be up to the job? £130-150 is the budget for the gun.

Incidentally the reason for getting the painting done on the side is that the cheapest quote I could get for a repray was £2100!! one punter wanted £2400 + VAT :o I completely Pat my Shanties at that and pulled my brother out of retirement to do the painting for me :D

Thanks again.

Grant :)

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