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Grating and rumbling noise


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When I put power on not on overrun.... :(

Wheel bearing?


Prop UJ?

Any tests you can recommend?

VC is fine - checked it last week.

Only thing I've done recently is replace gearbox oils.....



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If when driving in a straight line forget wheel bearings, they can be identified when cornering.

Grating & rumbling sounds more like the engine, gearbox or exhaust rubbing against something connected to the bodywork.

Does it vary in 'pitch' with speed or engine RPM? if not as above, if it does discount above.

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Front UJ next to diff fine.

It is most noticeable above 50ish. Below can't really hear anything. More noticeable on a straight bit of road.

Also, forgot to say that the steering has also started to get intermittent heavy spots.

Could it be a CV?

Might not be able to reply for a bit after tomorrow...PC off to repairers

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