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Paint or waxoly axle cases ???

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I would if I already had'nt got galvanised axle casings have cleaned them up with a wire cup brush on a 4 inch angle grinder and then painted them in red oxide then a top coat of black paint :D

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this is for jbs.

you say you have had your axles galvonised?

did it work well or was it a pain getting the over spill out the mount areas and what did you use to stop it getting inside??

did you find any probs with warping of the axles afterwards or did you brace them some way.

cheers gavin

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I bought them already like this as they were advertised on e-bay already done, I did find that I had to re-tap all the threads on them to clear the galv out of the bolt holes and I also had to drill the mounting holes out for the diff studs too-they're done inside and out and are really good I've also got a galv'd chassis and will be doing anything else that is steel as it makes sense to do so as it looks good when it's been done

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well thats gave me food for thought as i have allready done the copeings around the top of the rear tub and on the corners and they look great now but i did find they had warped slightly and had to be reshoped but worth every bit.

cheers for that i think i may have mine done.

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