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V8 LPG strange switch / ECU problem


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hi there, i managed to get 150 miles from my tanks over last weekend. filled up yesterday morning with 45L LPG. drove really nice yesterday and today, except for tonight on my journey back to wolves from winson green.

started on LPG (engine temp at around 50c) and set off as normal. i noticed i had 2 green lights on the lpg gauge (i know they're not accurate but that reading was about right). got the west brom and the switch is red on level gauge bit, amber on LPG bit and red on petrol.

this was making me assume the gas has stopped / run out and was running on petrol.

normally at this stage a rev to 1500rpm would make the solenoids click and run on gas, however no click or anything.

so i flicked the switch to petrol and ran on that fine. i dropped someone off and double flicked the switch to start on gas. started and ran on gas. 1/2 mile down the road i stop the engine to drop some paperwork off and drive off again double flicked to gas.

then the engine is running really rough, no power to pull away, the whole car is shuddering at tick over, but when driving and doing over 2000rpm in 3rd or 4th the car runs fine.

so i pull over and pull the 2 fuses out which feed the LPG system (emulator and ECU??)

now runs fine on petrol.

my next thought is to replace the fuses to the LPG and disconnect the fuse to the petrol pump relay to eliminate the chance of it running on both fuels.

depending on this i presume it to be the switch?

on another train of thought i wondered if it could be air filter (what with all this volcanic dust :) )

or Dizzi?

do you have any other thoughts as to the possible cause? or fault finding ideas?



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hi there, an update to this, i used the car this am, fine for the 1st part of the journey, ran on petrol then switch to gas fine. on the way back though, all the lights on the LPG switch were off, no sign of life from flicking the switch.

got home and popped the bonnet, i could hear a hissing noise coming from plenum and found the when the system died the solenoids were still open and letting gas though, clicked these shut. Called tinley tech with a view of buying a new switch and filters, the helpful guy said to check the wiring through from the switch to the ECU then the emulators. after doing this i did find a bad earth, low and behold near to the one for the spot lights. sorted this and so far seems to be running ok.

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