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How to get new V5 for Series one


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Good day all,

After searching high and low locally, i have finally been offered a Series one. I have not seen it in "person" as yet but have been sent a couple of pictures by a friend.

I believe that the vehicle has been laid up for a number of years after being dismantled but I am reliably informed that it is all intact. The vehicle has no logbook / V5 and would like to know where I stand with regards to getting a new one via the DVLA. Although the vehicle has number plates and no doubt a chassis number somewhere how do I know if the two tally?

I am also at a loss to the value of the vehicle because as it stands, in its current condition, I don't know what model it is (unless anyone can work it out from the picture!

I am aware from rebuilding a number of other landrovers, that it is important that all the bits are there - which I will be checking when I hopefully view the vehicle on Monday. Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to how much its worth? This would be my first Series One and would appreciate the advice



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Definiteley a S1 - that's a 2-litre petrol engine. Doesn't look too bad to me either, at least it hasn't been butchered by anyone smile.gif

Series One club would be your best bet with regards to getting a new V5. You could also ring your local DVLA office and ask them.

On a S1 - the chassis number is on the top of the chassis rail on the passenger side if I remember correctly.


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Thats a late 80 around 1953 I'd say and looks mostly there, does the engine turn over? Chassis no will be on the nearside engine mount bracket on the chassis , value is hard to say but at least £500 and if the bulkhead is as good as it looks from pics then a bit more, very nice :)



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I agree defo a 80 inch as from pic no 2 you can see the slope / angle on the front of the rear tub, and

defo not too early as no lights in bulkhead, Pressed bulkhead, std ends on chassis and not early plate

extensions, wide front springs and not narrow etc etc etc so Series 1 80" 51-53 is my guess

As fopr the V5 its a buy it and see, if you have number plates, VIN plate, and engine number, then with a bill of sale

with the above on it you can apply for a V5 in your name as the new owner and see what happens.....

with this sort of thing its seems to sometimes be who opens the post at DVLA and the mood they are in :lol: ?



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Hi All,

Cheers for all the responses. I have the reg number and finally found it under "rover" as opposed to "land rover" on the DVLA website as suggested by one of the guys on the LRSOC forum.

Apparently its an 80", 1953 (fair play on the guessing front!)

I'm hoping to get out to it tomorrow and see it in person and see how much of it is there. It's stored in the owners yard so all the bits are supposed to be there. Chassis is also supposed to be good. I think that best thing I can do tomorrow is to spread all the bits out and see whats there and what isnt. It looks a bit far gone when you first look at it but I remember that it only took half a day to get my old Series Two stripped down like this.

I'm not imagining that its going to be on the road anytime soon but hopefully if its not too bad I can tuck it away in the barn until I can get a decent amount of time to spend on it after the triallers finished / Range Rover's serviced / 90 is restored / Children have moved out........

I will try and remember to bring my camera tomorrow and take some pictures if anyones interested

Thanks again,


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