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whilst fitting new wheels - found some play...


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fitted a new set of wheel & tyres for MOT, and in passengers side front....whilst jacked up, i noticed there is excessive play....i reckon 1\4 inch rocking motion worth....

OK, please tell me where i need to start :(

was gonna book in for MOT next week but no way - as this play is not right and would fail....

ive got my hand on wheel at top and its rocking towards me and back 1\4 inch...

.....-including brake disk...as i noticed that was also moving with the motion??

Im inclined to think bearing but im put off by the shear amount of deviation??

I have had a "rattling" for a while so at least i know what is wrong now??

any help appreciated cheers..


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Guest noggy

take the wheel off so you can get a closer look at things, just sounds like the wheel bearings have gone!

its a very easy job to do if the old bearings come out!

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Spin the wheel - if it still turns smoothly, then you can adjust the bearings up. If the bearing rumbles, then it's new bearings time :)

Adjusting a wheel bearing - http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=7969

Replacing a wheel bearing - http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=8009


With 1/4" of play I'd be strongly tempted to replace them anyway, and the oil seal (which might have been taking some extra punishment for a while ...)

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could also be the top swivel bearing, with the wheel off rock it back and forth and see if everything moves or if it's just the top of the hub assembly moving over the swivel

you will probably find the swivel leaking if it's this too.

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