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Heavy Clutch

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Got a leak in the foot well from the clutch pedal, so looks like the m/c is on the list of jobs to do. However the original clutch pedal ('84 CSW) is very heavy to push down, so are there any solutions to improve this :huh: Holding it in traffic, or releasing it smoothly is a pain :(

I'm guess just changing the m/c alone won't make a huge difference, so are the newer clutch pedals easier, if I look at changing the whole thing? Or are there any other options to make for a softer pedal?

Have heard of helper springs, but not sure if these are suitable for the older clutch pedals :(

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Thanks for that - I have did try the search function, but had limited success.

Anyhoo, this points the way forward :) :)

I guess a whole assembly is best as the m/c needs sorting anyway.

Any suggestions for where would be the best place to source one of these? :unsure:

From what year are these available?

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