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Kam Shafts And Uprated Cv's


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Stripped down the hubs today to try and find out why my CV's

move in and out by about 10mm. I've been running them for

14months now without problems and Jon before, but it didn't

seem right for there to be that level of movement.

Everything seemed ok when we stripped everything down apart

from the fact that the play is still there in the CV. Well actually I

wouldn't have know any different :rolleyes: but fortunately I

had Chris Watts, Nick Watts and Paul Wightman on hand to

provide the expert opinion. :D

So I've just down some digging on the Kam stuff and noticed on

pic below that there is a 9mm spacer between CV and half shaft

that I don't recall being there and the larger 3mm type shim between

circlip and the hub. Now I had thought of putting in shim's here

before now, but as movement was so large, I didn't see the point.

I need to look at CV again to see if the spacer is there or not, but in

the meantime I thought I would check to see if anyone else

experienced the same prob and was the spacer the issue??

Here's the Kam pic, excuse the size :blink: ..




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Ooh, you running the KAM CV's with fusable stubs? :)

How do you find them? Needed a new stub yet?

Very nice. Still trying to fix my back axle but one day.

So, can't advise as I'm on 32 spline CVs but KAM are really friendly, why not just give them a call? If they show the parts on their diagram they are probably part of the kit and required. Impressive it has run so long without.

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Someone (Diesel Dave actually - but most of you don't know him) told me that early RR CV's are pretty strong?

Anyone got a take on that? How do they compare with early 110 AEU 2522's?

I would certainly give the Kam fused stub shafts a go if the CV's are as strong as AEU 2522.


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Steve the spacer is a standard L/R part.

I fitted them when I changed the front axle set up from the smaller original shafts.

Lara is running the Kam set up with a few breakages to date on the lower rated fused sections.

Simon Mal at Maxi Drive was also recommending the early rangie 2 part CV;s as being one of the better variety,

link from Outer limitsin the Tech Archive covering the relative strengths of different CV's halfshafts.

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slighly on topic and thinking about something....yes, yes I think every now and then... <_<

when I stripped the axles and rebuilt them there was no circlip holding the CV to the shaft ( did'nt realise there was one :blink: ), so they went back together the same way !

should I take it all apart again to fit some, or will it be alright ????? :unsure:

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Your CV is not the same as the one shown in the picture. Perhaps that is part of the problem? As commented, that pic of the Kam setup shows a 2 part CVJ, yours is the 1 piece - perhaps an AEU2522? It certainly looked the same!


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I take it from your description that the whole CV half shaft assembly is moving. The washer shown in the KAM diagram is a LR part and is used to shim out that movement.

The shims are available in different sizes and the correct spacing is detailed in the workshop manual.

Its not a critical measurement but shimming yours out to take up some of the slack will certainlly not be bad thing.

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Lara is running the Kam set up with a few breakages to date on the lower rated fused sections.

Tony, Lara broke a front inner shaft a few weeks ago and is having some shafts made to his spec. They should be considerably stronger than Maxi Drive but you really don't want to know the price.

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