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Boxer 4 SU carb setup advice on a 3.9


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Hi all

Ive picked up a boxer 4 SU carb setup complete a while ago for my 3.9 trialler

Just wondering if anyone has any base carb setting i should work from?

They came of a lightly played with 4.6 racer so will be too rich + i just need i rough base setting to work from

Cheers all james

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If you don't get any other info It mnight be worth talking to RPI. They set up my Boxer when I first got it.

Unfortunately it's so long ago I don't remember any details.

If you want a Syncrometer I have one here that hasn't seen the light of day for 10 years.

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Run them as they are for a base setting,

SU's are vacuum/flow sensitive as you can obviously work out so they will know that you are demanding less from them.

All they will sense is that the engine is demanding less air, so will open less compared to the other engine, the fueling will also be less as you can imagine, they will be close enough to get you going. then rolling road it when you have time.


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