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Defender Foot Wells in Series 1


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My Series 1 has LWB twin leading brake on the front and single leading brakes on the rear with a remote servo (some say that this is not needed).

The best thing I did was throw away the old master cylinder and after fitting D90 footwels, fitted Series 2/3 pedal boxes and maaster cylinders.

I also made up a hydraulic clutch systems so that I could get rid of the entire below floor levers.

There are some large holes cut in my foot wells already so I need to work on them anyway. Using D90 foot wells is an interesting idea. I still need to work out accelerator pedal that is compatible with my engine and a Defender pedal would make things easy. I do rather like the robustness (or least perceived robustness) of my rod actuated clutch.

Marc, can you let me know what worked well and didn't. Thanks, BMG

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My application was more convoluted than you will require as I have a V8 to squeeze in.

Basically I replaced the whole of the foot wells with those from a scrap early D90 (if not then late Series 3 will do). It may be easier to get weld in repair foot wells instead. Once these are added (weld along the top to the Series bulkhead and sides to the uprights) you can then use Series 2,3 or Defender pedal sets complete. T Series front supports still fit on my vehicle (well one side anyway) but

The accelerator I have still uses a bar along the vee of the foot well as per the Series 1 but I have added a cable fitting just inside the engine end of the vee with a hole in the top slope to fit the cable.

You will find that the floor plates of the Series 1 will not reach the bottom of the foot well so I made up some ally plates to fill the gaps and used standard D90 fittings on the foot well bottom and Series 1 fittings at the floor end. The gearbox cover is Series 1 at the rear with D90 or Series 3 in the front I am not sure but will try to think tomorrow.

If all this is too much then the alternative is to just measure up a Series 2/3 or Defender bulkhead and cut the holes for the pedals in your instead?

I fear that your aim of fitting a D90 servo will not be successful as the bonnet height is too low which is why I use a LWB master cylinder and remote "Supervac" servo mounted on the centre cross member. I does get muddy but as far as I know has never failed to work even under water.

If you find a servo that does fit (possibly a Series 3?) I would be very interested, late Series 3 may have used a non-servo dual master cylinder if this helps?

I will see if I can post some photos tomorrow, but be warned my bulkhead is loosing all its paint after the wrong paint was used plus my mate let brake fluid pour down the bulkhead so they won't be pretty.

I hope that some of this helps you?


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Following this with interest. But as far as I can see there is some difference to series 1 bulkheads? The one on my 80" is flat in the part facing towards the engine, where as the later 86,88,109 series 1s has a footwell that is basically shaped as a series2/3/defender. Which type do you guys have? And yes Marc I would love to see some pictures too.

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Right spotted big problem 1: I have an 86" with lots more room.

Problem 2: I do not have a way to reduce the size of my pictures to post them right now.

Trying to fix prblem2 ;)


These may work? please let me off the terrible state of my bulkhead as may mate decided to empty the entire contents of my brake reservoir onto both sides. Result is all the paint has bubbled and discoloured or is just falling off in sheets :(

Nope it did not upload well :(

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Okay Marc, thank you for clarifying this.

But my bulkhead is in such a good condition that I don't feel like cutting in it anyways.

I just fancied the idea of having pedal assy from a defender/series 3.

But I will have to make the clutch hydraulic though, as I am fitting a series 3 gearbox. But figure I can make some sort of bracket on the chassis where the rod from the clutch pedal can activate a mastercylinder

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Marc, thanks for all the info. I was hoping that the Defender foot boxes would fit better than they sounds like they do. I think I am going to stick with my Series 1 foot boxes. I am using a series 2 gearbox so I still have my rod controlled clutch. I'm still trying to figure out my accelerator pedal to throttle cable problem... But I started another thread for that.

Thank you again,

Brad Guillory

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