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Handbrake Fails to release correctly

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Hi All, this is my first post for this forum. i could really do with some advise.

Recently sold my truck cab 200TDI and purchased a 300TDI station wagon. sorted a couple of the odvious faults with the Defender, but my priority is safety jobs first. The handbrake is one of those jobs. Now compared to the 200TDI the handbrake adjustment is better presented and would seem a little simplier to work on. Not being as familiar with the 300TDI as i was with the 200TDI, I referenced the Online Landrover Workshop manual. So I first tied to adjust the handbrake cable, using the adjuster directly under the driver seat Inspection cover. This made little or no differnece. The next thing was to locate the diff brake adjuster and adjust. i refurred to the manual and:

1. chocked the front wheels

2. jacked up the Defender

3. Placed on axle stands

4. released the handbrake

5. Tightened the handbrake adjuster to 150nm

6. released the adjusted 1.5 turns

Problem is, the handbrake holds on a hill however, nearly everytime I pull away, there is odvious resistance. After about 15-20 meters, there's a loud thud from the tranmission handbrake, and the car drives normally again. I've continued to adjust the handbrake by turning the adjuster anti clockwise in increments of a quarter of a turn. The handbrake is back to the way it was (not holding on hills), however the thud and on some occasions the physical zerk of the whole vehicle.

I need to get under and Inspect the transmission brake, however i need to know what i'm doing wrong and some useful advise on the correct procedure to adjust the handbrake on a 300TDI Land Rover.

(The car is a 96, if that makes a difference).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Could be the expander unit - they are rarely serviced and tend to lock up. you'll need to remove the brake drum to check shoes, etc anyway. Remove the drum and apply the handbrake, then release it. If the shoes don't close back, then it's the expander unit. If you strip it down, then pay attention to the parts and their orientation to other parts - it has to be assembled correctly or it won't work.


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If you are going to strip it down and replace the cable etc, then I would fit an X-Brake and never have that problem again. Best money you can spend on a Land Rover IMHO.

If you order today it'll probably be with you tomorrow the delivery is that good.

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