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Antifreeze questions.


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Hi guys

A few questions.

1,how much antifreeze does my 03 disco 2 td5 hold, 2 1/2lts ?

2,do i need to buy it from a land rover dealer.

3,if not what make of antifreeze is best and where to buy it from ( halfords )

4,what type of antifreeze do i need.

i have ordered a top rad hose and a bottom rad hose from paddocks as the bleed screw is striped in the top hose and is leaking, so thought i would replace both hoses at the same time as we are going to cornwall in july.



03 d2 td5 auto e.s.

97 d1 300 tdi man.

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according to haynes you need'ethylene glycol based with oats[organic acid technology] corrosion inhibitors'

I went to my local carparts place and bought 5lts for about £25

it does not state what strength but the more the better

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The mix ratio can be worked out by reading the container. That will give you the lowest temperature you will keep being protected at. I always go for the lowest temp I'm likely to encounter (bearing in mind I will probably go to the Alps in the winter!).

Same sort of thing applies to screenwash. More fluid if its colder. Helps to stop the washers freezing.

I usually get mine from a motor factors, rather than a superstore. Better value for money. Unless you are really stuck (or you have to get the change done as part of a service or repair), don't buy it from a dealer. That's where they really make their money!

My wife has an Audi TT and their stuff is frighteningly expensive!!

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"the more the better" is not correct if you put in antifreeze at too strong a mixture it is too thick to effectively conduct the heat away and will boil very easily, it is worth finding out the correct proportions as requires by the maker

and going with that

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Anti freeze does more than just preventing the water from freezing - it lubricates and prevents corrosion also .

I use a 50/50 mix and as far as I can remember that's what LR recommend .

Having been charged crazy prices by LR for the proper afreeze I read up a bit and now use Comma Longlife afreeeze which I buy from the motor factors in 5L cans - LR could only supply 1L bottles at something like €14 each .

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i've heard that the anti freeze doesn't actually transfer heat away it is the water that's mixed with it that does that, it just stops that water from freezing and stops the engine from rusting inside, that's why putting too much anti freeze in is worse than the correct amount as it has less heat transference than the correct mix and will run hotter than it should..

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Carplan do 5year OAT (Pink) at just under £20 for 5 ltrs.

I think you need 7ltrs neat for a 50/50 complete fill, it takes 13 ltrs.

Empty it all the system and flush, but NOT high pressure.

Got this to do next month with oil/filter changes.

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