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Stupid question.......... how do i...........

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Bolt on my HD bumper.....

I thought i was being clever and bought brand new bolts, and captive plates..... however, as my new bumoer is 5mm thick, and the originals aren't, the captive plates won't sit flat on the bottom of the bumper and let me get the bolts through.....

How does everyone else manage it..

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I had this problem once before and ended up throwing the clip thing that holds the plate onto the bumper and pulling out the rubber bung in the front of the chassis where the jacking point is and sticking a finger in there to try to hold the nut plate in place. Its very fiddly but it works. Alternatively my new firstfour bumper had double sided sticky tape on the nut plate just to hold it in place so you could get the bolts started.

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So, in short, it's basically a pain in the arse job that most people find awkward...........LOL....

Maybe its time someone came up with a solution, seeing as there are SO many defenders with non standard bumpers out there...............

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