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P38 Over fueling


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Took my p38 with it's recently replaced head gaskets for it's MOT and it failed with clouds of smoke on the emissions test :(

Testing at home I'd only really rev'd it to 2000rpm as I'd heard more can damage the gearbox.

Drove it there and felt it lacked power but drove nicely with nice smooth gear changes.

For the emissions test they wanted it rev'd to 2500rpm, when this was done it billowed out clouds of very fuel filled smoke. MOT was abondoned.

Driving home it continued to smoke a little for half a mile or so then cleared, and I could see no visible signs of smoke no matter how hard I rev'd it whilst driving.

Returned home to test, reving it to 2000rpm produces no smoke as I go a bit above clouds of smoke appear smelling very rich of petrol.

Where do I start, I have a feeling the oxygen sensors may be stuffed as the exhaust was sitting with water in it.

I tried unplugging the MAF sensor so it would run on default values but it just starts and cuts out with it unplugged.

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