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Shoulder/Arm Pain.

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Has anyone come up with an inventive fix to help stop the nerve damage that seems to result from having the B-piller/T-post digging into your arm all the time, and the repeated battering it gives you when you're off-road?

I'm at the point in the build where taking things back apart is a bit demoralizing but I didn't think enough about some of the issues with moving the seat away from it a bit during re-assembly which was going to be my fix.

Has anyone cut a section out of the post and welded in a thicker plate to preserve the overall strength? This is a 5-door 110 and it looks like it might be the only realistic option at this point.

Other creative options would be nice to hear as well. Stop bashing my shoulder into the pillar is not really a viable option :)

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I couldn't fix it, even by moving the seat in a bit. So I bought a Range Rover for the daily commute and just use a Defender less.

Now it's gone.

I found the discomfort was there all the time after driving Defenders every day, even at night it made sleeping difficult sometimes and I couldn't sleep on my right side.

Otherwise sit very close to the steering wheel as when I had a truck cab 90 it didn't bother me as my shoulder was in front of the pillar. But it was rather a squeeze and not good for any long journeys.

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Moving the seat inboard won't work as the bulkhead is very biased and as LHD you end up with your right-leg at a very odd angle, significantly worse in a 300TDI where it starts at a really odd angle. I guess I'll just modify things when I get to that point. I am happy I made the t-post a bolt-to-sill part now, though if it works I'll certainly do the modifications to the next one before it goes to galvanizing and paint.

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