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Auto box oil cooler connection sizes needed urgently

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I rang a local landy fixer/salvage guy asking if he had any auto oil coolers for a 3.9 petrol Rangie. He said that he used to sell or fit the old type (bog brush/hedge hog/or whatever you know it has) but he stopped as they were prone to fail. He said he now fits new oil coolers instead and mentioned an eight row. As I need to replace mine on as small a budget as I can I evilbayed the said oil coolers and found these.




Can anyone comment on just how big a cooler I will need? They have various models including 10, 13, 16, 19 and 25 rows.

The next thing is what size am I coupling too. My Rangie is a 1991 Vogue SE and it looks like the cooler has a male fitting on each end. Does anyone know the size of them as it would be a huge advantage to be able to order one with the correct fittings?

Next, I presume I mount it in front of the air con rad the same as the existing one. I can make brackets etc to fit it where it needs to go so that is not an issue.

Any help is much appreciated as the Rangie has turned into my daily drive for the time being and I need it sorting before it fails all together.

If you know any other things I need to consider then please let me know them also.



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Dont know if you still need it but the "bogbrush" coolers are 1/2 BSP male.

The later coolers fitted to Discos are 4 row x 26" long so you should be able to work out what size cooler you need.

I have read here somewhere that it doesn't matter if you over cool the fluid, so over size rather than under would be better.

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on a 3.9 zf auto we've got the casing has 1/2" bsp...however on my 4.2 lse's zf auto, it has M20 unions. so i've now got an M20 to 1/2bsp nipple and made up hydraulic hoses to my cooler.


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The top one should be more than adequate, If I've got the following right...

26" is 559mm, 599/235 is 2.3, and 4 rows x 2.3 = 9.2 rows(?!?)

This doesn't take the depth of the cooler into account though, nor the thickness of the oil pathways. I seem to remember someone pointing out that these are designed for road-cars, so might not take too well to being filled with mud. Still, unless you're going to be up to yer ears in it constantly, it's probably going to be miles and miles better than the bog brush, if mine's anything to go by!


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