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Santana Gear Box & Overdrive:

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Santana Gear Box & Overdrive: Well I might as well use my first posting to jump right in and demonstrate my mechanical incompetence.

I have just added a 1989 110 which was converted to a V8 and apparently had a Santana gearbox as part of the work.

Does this take an Overdrive, and if so which one.

Is the Santana Box a LT85

Are they robust

It whines in all but 4th gear, (assume this is straight through?) assume it’s the layshaft? How much should I be worried?


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Its a LT85

Strong, and yes prone to noise in everything bar 4th

Try new oil 20/50 and a molyslip

Rebuilts are not cheap, I have an ashcroft one :)

There are 2 type "a split case" has a casing in 2 parts, and a solid case, er has a one piece case, the solid is far better, pics are on ashcrofts website, exchanges are normally like for like,m surcharge often if you go from slpit and ask for solid

Hope this helps


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Thank you for all your replies gentlemen, a great introduction to this forum.

I realised that it is probably the transfer box that defines what overdrive may or may not fit this arrangement, am I right in thinking that this is an LT230 transfer box?

And if it is which (if any) Overdrive will fit?

Having driven it about a bit I’m not so sure it ‘needs’ an overdrive (When did need ever play a part in rational thinking about Land-Rovers!) But I just happen to have an extra GKN Type, ( I have one of these on my 110 CSW 300 Tdi and love it especially when towing – the electrical can be a real pain in the Butt, but worth it IMO)

Just out of interest what vehicles would have had these gearboxes from new?

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The transfer box is an lt230 on a santana box, same as on other defenders.

So main box will not affect o/d fitment. The santana was fitted to early 110 and defender V8 . I use redline mtf in mine . They have a integral pump and filter so dont like thick oil esp when cold, o/d might help with fueleconomy when cruising depends what lt 230 tansfer box ratio you have. HTSH

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