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Battery box ventilation

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Hello, I am tired of my battery box filling up with mud and want to close of the ventholes.

But the box needs to be ventilated in some way, anyone got any ideas?

I was thinking that I might attach a hose of some sort and lead it to a suitable point.

Newer Defender the ECU in there dont they, so they must (?) have solved it somehow?

Cheers, Tomas

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Not sure about the "Puma" Defender but the Td5 has the ECU under the drivers (right) seat and the battery under the passenger (left) seat.

Ventilation is important though, otherwise the battery box will fill up with potentially explosive gas, which I believe can also be very corrosive. Also, since it's very unlikely the box could be made completely airtight, most of the excess gas would find it's way into the passenger compartment.

So if the box is sealed it would need to have some kind of forced ventilation to outside. It's own snorkel perhaps ;)

Edit; just beat me to it there, must type faster.

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