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Which service kit?

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Its a 1989 110 with a 200tdi defender engine and its time to service it.

My local independant land rover place always tries to flog me Britpart bits and makes a fuss if i say i dont want them! Which mail order places do you use online to buy service parts (filters mainly) that are not Britpart? Is there anything wrong with the Britpart filters or should i be content to use them?

The service kits and seemingly most filter items on Lrseries look like they are Britpart. This shop: http://www.land-rover-parts-shop.com/index.php seems to offer a range of bits so i could buy from there.

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I recently did mine and used all britpart bits, did oil, fuel and air and recently drove to and from Almeria, had no probs so far.

i think if you're using really crappy diesel or driving in extremely dusty conditions then use OE parts, but for general usage in a defender i'd use the cheap stuff!


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