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Diesel Tank

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This isn't actually about a Defender, but I thought this is the best place to ask my question.

I am doing some work on my mini-digger. I've got the tank out to fix a leak on the drain cock,

and I noticed there is a lot of dirt in the bottom of the tank.

What is the best way to clean it out? Just rinse the loose stuff with diesel?


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High pressure sprayer, but then you need to electroplate it if there is any rust showing once clean. You can get kits to do these usually intended for motorcycle tanks. Avoid any of the ones with interior coatings as these eventually peel.

Unlike diesel, cleaning it with soap and water is fine as all you need to do is sit it in the sun for awhile or on a heater and it will evaporate.

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Again not on Land Rovers, but assuming you have access to remove them - I've put a few handfuls of nuts and bolts in motorcycle tanks the given the whole thing a shake to remove dirt, rust and other deposits. The rinse out several times with the regular fuel.



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With a motorcycle that is usually OK, the issue with a diesel tank is the water will always settle to the bottom and if you don't re-plate the interior if the zinc coating is gone, it will just rust out.

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