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series swivel housing


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I'm working on a disc brake conversion on my 88'' series one and the swivel housing oil level plug is in the way of the caliper.I read somewhere that the two swivel housings were the same apart from position of the level plug, and that they could be changed side to side to put plug at the front.Has anyone done this,is it feasible. I had assumed that the front wheel caster angle was formed by the position of the top and bottom swivel pins in the swivel housing. If this is not so, is the caster angle formed by clocking the swivel ball a little back from vertical,where it bolts on the axle casing,Or maybe neither off these. Am i likely to cock up the steering geometry by swopping the swivel hubs around?

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I had been running with 5 leaves in the front springs, which made the front suspension flexable for trialing, but still kept the normal ride height. Then I removed the V8 and fitted a 200TDi which of course is much heavier. So I decided to fit coilovers to help with this extra weight instead of putting back loads of leaves and making the front suspension hard and stiff again. As a bonus the coil springs encouraged the axle to droop further, giving slightly better articulation. I mounted the shocks on top of the axle where there was more space.

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