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disc brakes


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1- i find theres better response and braking from discs, even on the rear

2- i havent got a clue, hadnt thought that far ahead. :unsure:

3- the last owner had the whole prop shaft and vcu removed

when it seized while he was driving (so im told)

it was something that crossed my mind when i had a mech

checking the rwd

and preferred the discs on other cars ive driven

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Anything is possible if you have the engineering skills, but as to what you would use I don't know.

Would it be that easy to get the balance right?

What would you do about the handbrake?

How would you get them to "talk" to the traction control system?

Personally I find the brakes on my Freelander more than adequate as they are, especially on the Td4 with the vented front discs.

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Later Freelanders had rear discs, you'd probably need the whole rear hub assembly.

I did look at this idea on my car but couldn't find anyone who thought the discs offered any great advantage on the rear, including Jules who has raced Freelanders and said he was happy enough with the drums.

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Thought about this on my 2001 TD4 but after careful thought and a look at the engineering involved decided not to bother - the drums work well IF they are set up properly. Too much hassle with the ABS reluctor rin being built into rear driveshafts so any replacement discs must fit these, also what exactly do you do with the handbrake? Fit discs with drums included?

I seem to remember reading somewhere that drums were originally spec for this vehicle as LR had a 'thing' for making sure the hand brake can hold the vehicle + its max tow weight on a steep slope. Shame there would be no chance of ever pulling away again!

If you've not had them to bits then make sure when you do that you follow the instructions for resetting the handbrake to the letter of the RAVE manual.


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cheers everyone.

its not a job id try without someone who has an idea of what theyre doing.

ive done some work on other cars but the

freelander is a whole diff kettle of fish.

thanks again for your input guys

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