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Waeco CF18 to fit between front seats

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Can get hold of a Waeco CF18 fridge, which I'd like to fit between the front seats of my 110 instead of fitting a cubby box. Anyone done this before? Would like to see how it looks and fits before I'll confirm that I'm buying it to the seller.

With non- Land Rover seats on the picture would be even nicer, as those are bigger most of the time and I'm fitting Scheel-Manns to my car.

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Watch the height as it may prove uncomfortable for your elbow. I fitted a Waeco on temporary mounts between the front seats of my 130 and had to bend the gear lever to clear the front of the fridge. I have photos somewhere but would need to find them.

I agree, the fridge has no sloping front like the cubby box and is about 50mm higher.

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Good idea. It's a 10 min job to whip the cubby box out. Seat the fridge and see whether it's even realistic.

The actual mounting shouldn't be an issue - just make a fram or brackets that screw into the floor.

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After the test-fit I decided to buy it. Sits pretty high between the seats, but it's still a a nice arm-rest. Will post pics as soon als it's in my car.

That'll take a while though, it's still a bare galvanised chassis now. Shouldn't be that high on the priority list in a rebuild, but well...got it for a nice price ;)

Steve, the Waeco mount sounds nice. Let me know if you've found some pictures of it.

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