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Disco 2 subwoofer question


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Evening all.

The rear door lock packed up recently on my 04 Disco 2 commercial so i bought a complete door at Sodbury sortout as it was (much) cheaper than bying a new replacement lock! :rolleyes:

Anyway the door i bought also has the subwoofer fitted so how easy is it to make work on my door? fitting shouldn`t be a problem but is the wiring already in place & if so is it connected at the other end or is it just more hassle than it`s worth. I will strip it out & have a look when time permits but has anyone tried this already & can give any pointers. Any help much appreciated! :D


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can't say for a D2 but my povety spec 200tdi D1 had the wiring for the sub in the tailgate so there is a good chance it will be there....being a commercial might be the only issue but its a good assumption to assume the main loom would be the same..

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