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I've got this idea...

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In the back of my 90 it's empty. Just the metal and no windows...

I was thinking and I'm not sure if it's been done before, but, what if I bought two bench seats and mounted them on rollers, separated the backrests and allowed them to recline.

The benches can be locked into a sitting position when driving, but if you need somewhere to sleep, you can unlock the benches and roll them towards each other. The backs will recline and lay flat, thus making a reasonably comfy bed...

Obviously this isn't as easy to make as it sounds, but does anyone have the measurements of the benches to let me know if this is actually possible?!

I hope this idea makes sense!

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Erm... I don't know if anyone has any benches in the back of their defender, but if they do, any chance you can measure the width of the back rest and seat, so I can see if this idea will actually fit! :blush:

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