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Hi, have looked at the swivels on my '90 and they are rusted and pitted--and leaking. Have been on paddocks website and they have them priced at £68.72 + vat, part No.FRC7065DEFKIT, anyone know if these are ok (as in well made) or should I go for Genuine ones?

Regards, rocky

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I bought the full kit from Paddocks over 2-years ago and everything has been ok since.

Before I ordered mine I contacted a few independant workshops to see which swivels they fitted to customers vehicles and they all said they fitted the Britpart ones and had never had any problems.

I have to admit that in hindsight I wish I had used the Britpart swivels & hardwear but genuine or OE seals as the cost difference is minimal but lifespan probably longer. That said, no issues with the pattern ones fitted more than 2-years down the line.

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Fitted a swivel kit, both front dics and bearings from Padocks last year. My Disco is a daily comute vehicle and ocasional green lane use with no problems so far. With an old truck on a limited buget some times you have to risk the cheaper options.

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"My is an ex-RAF and had come with leather gaiters but I had removed them 2 weekends a go because the leather had several holes, should I replace or not?"

When I replaced the swivels on my S111 over 20-years ago I fitted new leather gators at the same time as the parts were very expensive (much more so than now) and I wanted to prolong there life as long as possible (if it was good enough for the MOD then it was good enough for me).

WISH I HADN'T! After some time had passed I decided to remove the gators to check the swivels and found that mud had got into them but then not been able to escape so had corroded the chrome face even quicker than leaving them bare would have done. I removed the gators and managed to clean up the rusty surface with some wet & dry, from that day on regular use meant they did not rust up again and but it had been touch & go.

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