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Disco 1 slight over heating problem


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Hi everyone, when cruising on the motorway at 70 the the water temp on my Disco 200Tdi creeps up to almost three quarters on the temp guage, yet at 60 she will stay all day ay between a quarter and half. She has only done 108,000 miles but also struggles a bit on hills.

Hope one of you guys can help.

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Sounds like a partialy blocked radiator

I would take the rad out, simple job and have a good look at what the fins are like and also give it a good back flush to try to remove any blockages carp build up etc



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My Disco !1 300 Tdi Auto's temperature did the same when I had 3 passangers, and a long 1.5 mile climb. Radiator was re-cored a while back and the thermostat new, eventually it was the viscous fan playing up. I borrowed a locked one, and the temperature was actually lower, replaced the viscous hub, and all was well again.

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