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Ordering LR4x4 Clothing - We ARE OFF !

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As I mentioned "Some time ago" we are going to do a one off clothing forum

opprotunity, to both give you all some well wikid kit AND Help fund the forum at the same time

Prices are keenly priced, so if when you ordeer you feel the need or wish to contribute on top 100%

of all moniers for sales go the the forum coffers, the only costs being the clothing, postage and packing, nothing

else is deducted - A great chance to show your appreacition to LR4x4 - and wear the results

Am awaiting a proof from the embrioders, but its now in hand

The Logo will be on the Left Breast Tit - Thats the heart side unless you Vulcan

and will be simple

Its going to be the LOGO at the top of the page, in silver with White edging saying


and then underneath the best of all the suggested straplines

Inpendant Thoughts - Shared Ideas,

(obviously in smaller font)

I have spoken to him and we will be Embrioderingeverything - ( NOT Screen printing ANYTHING)

the following items, with the prices as well - P&P Will need to be sorted out... and I'll report back later

....but basically cheaper the more you buy !

Polo Shirts - £15 each

T Shirts - £9 Each

Hoodies (wikid :P) £24 Each

Rugby Shirts £25 Each

Fleeces £24 Each

Baserball Caps £7

When ordering I need to know S M L XL XXL XXXL for all clothing caps are 1 size :)

Sizes are : XS 36 S 38 M 40 L 42-44 XL 46 2XL 48 3XL 52

The manufactuer of the Shirts etc is the same as the 2008 Ladoga ones - Uneek - best VFM and qulaity IMHO

I'll post up a pic as soon as I get it back, but in the meantime either order or have a think about it

the next thread will show (on an ongoing basis who has order what and if paid etc) who has confirmed what

and this will be updated.

Basically this thread will be active for the month of May, on the 31st orders close,and I will advise betweeen

now and then how to pay and postage costs, so over to you :)


Oh, and they are all NAVY :D for a change :P:lol:

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Could you put me down for

T Shirt - £9 Each x1

Hoodies (wikid ) £24 Each x1

Dont normally dress myself so I think Xl will do it? could you give us a ball park on what the sizes relate to in inches please, postage please to Mansfield, Notts. Let me know how much and how to pay please


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and then underneath the best of all the suggested straplines

Inpendant Thoughts - Shared Ideas,

Am i to presume that the strapline will be spellchecked first?? :P

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Guest noggy

seems as i "lost" my ladoga rugby shirt in a a girls room at uni... :ph34r:

i guess i better buy a lr4x4 replacement!

ill have 1 L rugby shirt

and 1 L T-Shirt


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