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Tyre Pressure Guide Needed

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Put my 90 back on the road today after the gearbox overhaul and lots of little jobs over the winter (only got the car in August last year).

Anyway, preparing for my journey for it's MOT last night I thought I'd best check the tyre pressures. Couldn't find any reference to my tyre sizes in any of the books I have though. So thought you may be able to help.

It's fitted with 235/80/16 tyres. I've gone with 27lbs front, and 34lbs rear.

Anyone have an alternative suggestion?

It's an '89 90, with a 200TDI fitted - if you feel that has any bearing on it?



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What you've gone for will prob be ok. I run my 110 at 28 front and 38 rear (my tool kit and a few other bits are in the back all the time, but nothing too heavy). Pump up the rears a bit if you are going to carry any heavy loads, but otherwise see how you go as you are.

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