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Genuine paint can from dealers?


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I'm wondering if you can still get the paint in the spray can from the dealers. The paint is from a 2000 model TD5 and I have some rust around the door where the rubber boot covers the wiring. I don't want to just treat it and not have the right colour there.

I remember my Dad did get some shortly after buying the car and he scratched the bumper. But was wondering if they still do orders or am I better off going to a paint maker and ask them to make a paint up for me?

Thank for your help.


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Have just done this in the last couple of days ...........

The paint code on my VIN plate gives me Niagra Grey, the vehicle is actually Oslo Blue :huh: and is Oslo Blue everyhwere, so it hasn't had a colour change for sure.

LR Dealers will supply paint in a pack of 2 aerosols, for about £7 + vat, the cans only have a very small amount (150ml) of paint in though, I was painting 2 D2 facelift bumper end caps and there wasn't even enough paint in 1 can to give a basic dust coat over primer :blink:

I'd estimate each end cap would need 4 cans of paint to give a decent thickness of paint.

So ......... after a quick "google" I found that Halfords mix aerosol cans for you, while you wait, these cans have 350ml of paint in and definitely have a better spray nozzle that gives a better finish, the Halfords cans are £12.99 each (I bought 2).

They also large cans (600ml) of clear laquer to go over the top for around £6.

The Halfords paint gives a much better finish than any aerosol I've ever used over the last 30 years!!

Bumper ends caps now look better even before their final flat with 2000 grade wet and dry and a polish than they did when painted professionally when I did my facelift.

I can't believe I'm recommending Halfords products :ph34r: but on this occasion they saved the day, it was Saturday afternoon and LR Dealers had closed, but would have had to order the paint anyway.

But, check your paint code before you buy the paint, if I hadn't I'd have grey end caps on a blue vehicle! :lol:

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Halfords use Holts paintmatch system I believe and the only problem is how good the guy mixing it is! particularly for very small tint weights.

This chap below used to have a shop local to me and has recently shut shop but does spray match cans mail order...he is the dogs when it comes to mixing correctly!

I used 2 cans last year to lightly recolour all body mouldings on an M535i beemer and also various small body repairs. I can do a whole bumper from primer up comfortably with a can, especially if its a laquered colour where you need less thickness of colour coat.

I have over the years done some cracking repairs with these cans of "proper paint" which are not like the waterery stuff out of usual aerosols. They are so good I dont bother use my compressor/spray gun most of the time.

His name is dudley and tell him the tall bloke from Rushmoor recommended him!


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