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4x4 Adventures Winch Challenge Rd 3

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4x4 Adventures Winch challenge Rd 3 – Sponsored by Superpro in association with Difflock.com

Where: Bampton , Tiverton, Devon.

When: Saturday 3 Jul 10

Time: 0800 Scrutineering, 0900 Start, 1600 (tbc) Finish.

Format: One day Challenge consisting of timed Special Stages.

Facilities: Camping available from 1700hrs Fri 2 Jul 10 @ Bampton.

Intention: The aspiration is to group competitors of mixed ability and class. As a group you will be allocated an SS. Once at the SS you can recce it/walk as you seem fit. You then complete the SS as individual vehicles. You will take it in turns to go first. Once all vehicles in the group have finished you will transit to the next SS. Every vehicle (breakages aside) will have the option to do every SS. No of SS tbc.

Marshalls: Marshalls will remain on their own SS. We have a requirement for marshalls for this event. If you wish to come along and help please drop us a line or reply here.

Entry: £55 for series registered vehicles upto 19 Jun. £65 for series registered vehicles from 20 Jun to 2 Jul 10. Its an additional £10 on each of those for non series registered vehicles.

Payment: Can be completed on line on our website or a chq/cash can be used.

Rules and regs: Prior to entering please make sure you have read, understand and comply with our rules and regs. These are available on our website.

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