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Vehicle Contents insurance


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After a recent break-in and a lot of moneys worth of stuff gone missing, i found out that the internal contents cover on my vehicle is only £250 (with £50 excess!) :(

i thought it was more but it seems i had it confused with another vehicle i used to own (motorhome)

i'm with NFU and have always been happy, but after talking to them they told me they cannot put up the amount of internal contents and that i should claim on my house insurance(even though the stuff is permanently in the car!)

going on the theory that there's no point in having a cheap insurance premium if it doesn't cover anything, i'm looking for a new company to deal with when the renewal is up in june.

Can anyone recommend a company who will insure internal contents (generator, tools, camping gear etc) at much higher values than £250?

i'd rather pay more on my premium and know everythings covered....

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You might be able to get tools cover separately. Its more aimed at buisiness although it may be of use, I use it for both business & personal tools/equipment cover. I have my van contents insured for 10 Grand, costs 3 quid a week. But have cheaper cover from 77p per week.

My link

They seem okay but I have never had to make a claim as I try to minimise the risk.

I know they won't cover Laptops & they expect items of value to be in the boot or covered so they aren't easilly seen. Just basic precautions.

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I'm not covered for anything in the vehicle, well except for the stereo and other standard items. I think that is normal for all insurance companies.

As said above, trade policies can cover tools etc, or your household insurance should cover personal effects away from the home, up to a certain value (£1000 for mine).

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