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Meck Lock Security Device

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Been thinking of fitting one of these devices as Im about to have a galv chassis & bulkhead fitted, making my landy attractive to theives. But im wondering just how effective it is?


I realise that the device somehow stops the clutch fluid, making the clutch pedal ineffective. But if left in gear, the theif could surely hotwire the ignition with his foot on the accelerator, and drive away. As its possible to change gear without using the clutch anyway, does this make the device useless?

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If I read it right with the valve locked once you press the clutch down the valve holds it down. The clutch is then locked disengaged, so no drive.

Any security device will help I guess.

Edit. Just to add. The thief would have to know you had one fitted to do as you say. You're vehicle has still been nicked though even if they only get 20ft. Maybe best to press the clutch yourself so it wont move at all.

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The mechlock is basically a one way valve when the key is out.

Once the pedal is pressed the clutch will stay down, the advice is not to press the clutch down your self as this would mean the system would be pressurised until you put the key back in which is not likely to do the sytem much good.

As you say you could get round it by not using the clutch and driving with out it, not easy but possible. To do this you would need to know it was there. It would also be possible to by pass it with a new clutch pipe but that would be a bit of a job not something that could be done in a car park with out a risk of being caught.

What it will definately do is mean that the theft would need to be pre planned and take longer, the more difficult you make it the more likely they are to move onto another vehicle instead.

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Thanks :)

So I assume that if you pressed the pedal down, you could select 1st gear but obviously wouldnt be able to drive off as the clutch remains disengaged.

As I park up leaving it in gear, I have a 21 year old habbit of pressing the clutch pedal down as soon as I get in, and holding it down until ive started the engine. Guess I would have to get rid of that habbit and remember to turn the Meck Lock key first. Though I guess it wouldnt take long before I forgot.

Would it do much damage over time if I kept doing this (pressurising the system as sean f points out)?

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I would say it is better to lock it when you press the clutch down, disabling to gears.

And it would indeed increase the amount of time needed to nick the vehicle. On top of the mech lock, you could add a few locks on the bonnet, so yes they can break in, be they also have to break into the bonnet to get to the clutch.

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