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Door frame replacement.

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Hi all,

going to rebuild the bottom door frame in my front doors now that the weather is getting better, does anybody have any hints/tips as to how i should do this? Any previous experience would be helpfull before i dive in & make a mess.



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did both of mine, peeled the outer ali skins off and binned them, cut the rotten bottom rail out and welded in a new YRM section as per the link above, smoothered everyhing in full fat red lead primer and then applied thick pvc adhesive tape over the frame sections to stop galvanic corrosion. Bought and collected (as they wont post) new outer door skins from Craddocks, laid the over the top and then bashed the edges over the frame with a block of wood/mallet. Etch primed and then painted the exterior, filled the frame and inside of the door with waxoyl. Dead easy to do and took a day each to complete.

Should outlast me. Hopefully.

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