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Fly Wheel Housing drain plug

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I have finally got the last few parts I need to fit the fly wheel casing I got from Les (thanks smile.gif ) the gasket and the fly sheel seal. The fly wheel housing I have now is a N/A/TD and dry fits perfectly to the bell housing with one stud removed from where it doesn't have a hole - just by the clutch slave cylinder. However I have noticed that the drain hole rather than being at the bottom is on the back. I guess with the N/A or TD engines you would have space enough to fit a wading plug but as it's fitting onto the 200TDi Disco block there is virtually no gap. Does this mean that I need to fill the original hole and drill a new one on the bottom?

If so what size are the drain/wading plugs and what size do I need to drill and tap? or is there a way of fitting a wading plug to the original hole once the engine is installed?

Thanks in advance


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Check the relative positions of the flywheel locking tool apertures on the cases (the Tdi uses the drain hole, the 19J has an aperture with a brass plug on the upper right side) and compare it to the relative positions of the two timing slots on the flywheel (I think both engines share the same flywheel). The Tdi is timed form the bottom, so you need to make sure the previously unused slot aligns with the upper right hole in the 19J casing so that you can time the engine correctly in the future. If the marks and holes don't match, you'll have to be very careful about ensuring the new hole is in exactly the right place.

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