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Modifying handbrake

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Land Rover 110 1988 3.5 v8 :rolleyes: Odd question or maybe a lightbulb moment for some budding inventor :blink: . I have a problem being tall 6'3" to be precise :( with the Handbrake digging or restricting my limited comfort. Has there been any improvement with later models also is there a way of modifying my original setup for better comfort.

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The Range Rove lever is black. The Discovery one blue.

All you have to do is drill two holes. Unless you have a large girth you should be fine.

Even the cable should fit.

Just follow the instructions on Colins site.

The poctures are of my Defender.

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Hi All,

Is there any reason why you cannot move the Defender handbrake lever to that location?


The defender handbrake acts the oposite way to a conventional side mounted one. so if you mounted it horizontal you'd have to push it down to put the brake on. - not so great.

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