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Electric fan set up - x eng kit

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Ive recently converted my 19j Defender to a 200tdi and the radiator that came with it had an electric fan on it(LUCKY ME).Having considered option I purchased the X eng kit which fit into the bottom hose of the rad.I have to admit that electrics are not my strong point.T he instructions supplied suggect the fitting of a switch in the cab.As the defender is going to be used by the wife,I dont want to have to rely on her swithing it on when it gets hot.I just want a setup that will turn the fan on when it gets hot and off when cooler.

Can some one supply me with an idiot proof wiring diagram because I just cant get the dam fan to work.

The fan itself works when connected to a battery,its the wiring from the relay that is realy giving me a problem.

Any suggestions are more than welcome.Im hoping to get the defender on the road for thr 1st of june following a lengthy re-build project.


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Im sure you have these diagrams, but IMHO if you dont want an overide switch in the cab, just run the wiring to have fan(s) controlled by thermostat (as if you had included a switch and left it permanently in one position.

If your not sure, why not get an auto electrician to help, most of them wont mind you 'assisting' ie you can plumb in the Xfan and the electric fan, and they can wire it all up for you.

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