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Rear Hub Assembly

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Hi All,

This is my second post in as many days. Following on from the advise on this forum, I've had a bit of a weekend of maintenance. After correcting a handbrake problem. I went on to overhaul my rear brakes. (turned out to be a pig of a job). However after taking apart the Rear Hub assembly, I replaced the Disks, one of the Callipers (one of brake pipes would not shift, so had to leave in place for now), the brake pads. Whilst I had it in bits decided to repace the Grease seal, Inner and outer bearings, joint washer and lock washers on each side.

I have two questions.

1. The Haynes or Land Rover workshop manual don't mention greasing the brearings or the type of grease to use. I've assumed that this is becuause the dif oil is used to lubricate the bearings, but I'm not 100% sure. my gut is telling me that needs to be greased.

2. As I have a ceased brake pipe, I need to replace the brake pipe, so I can replace the calliper. I've decided to use braided pipes for the rear as I'm planning to fit a new suspection with a 2" lift. As I've got this apart it seems a good idea to fit this all at the same time. my question is this. Do the breaded hoses connect from the brake callipoer directly into the T piece, located ontop of the rear axle or do they connect onto the brake pipe that currently connects to the rear calliper with some sort of conversion.

my concern is that as i already have a damaged rear brake pipe, If I buy braded pipes that convert the brake pipe that conects to the rear brake pipe, then I still need to buy a new brake pipe.

Sory for the waffle. just trying to clarify this


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I just use normal LM grease for the bearings, they're not oil lubricated unless you deliberately leave the seals out (or the seals are dead) and even then, it only gets a little bit of oil, not enough to keep them in good working order!

There is no "off-the-shelf" brake flexis for the rear. When you order them you can decide either to order two long hoses that go all the way back to the T piece, or use a short section of flexi then switch back to hardline. If you do the latter, you'll need to weld some tabs onto the axle case to secure the joint.

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If you buy the 3-pipe kit (+2"), then you will have only one hose for the rear - that is, from the chassis to the T-piece. You will have to still replace/ use the two metal pipes that then go to each caliper on the rear. If I'm replacing a brake pipe, then I don't even bother trying to undo it with a spanner. I cut the pipe - close to the fitting, then use a socket to remove the fitting.

5-piece braided kit I think, which is 2 x front hoses and 3 rear hoses, which is an additional 2 to go from the T-piece to the calipers.

Not sure about the various hoses available, but 5 seems sensible.

Llama4x4 make up whatever you need in braided - a chat with David would tell you all you need to know.


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