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Defender Puma Workshop Manual

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Assuming the request that came in about the same time as your message is yours then it is done :) Welcome to the forum.

PS There are two separate electrical manuals for that year of vehicle that you'll find links for in this thread.

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Hi Naks

Could you please send me the links to the maintenance etc, have a defender Puma 90 2007 model. Had years of good driving , experiencing problems with clutch disappearing while driving, replaced clutch cylinder but problem still there. Some times vehicle battles to start also loosing power while driving giving you max speed of 60 80 km hand judder on steering wheel. Any advise will be appreciated.

Kind regards


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Hello is it still possible to get hold of the puma 2.4 workshop manual I've traded in my much modded 1988 90 for a 2011 puma truck cab and would love to be able to keep doing my own servicing.

If you look at the links in the following post you can click on them to request access the manuals http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=55983&p=766606

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On 02/04/2014 at 9:38 AM, CwazyWabbit said:

Hi Tiago, if you click on any of the links in the following quoted posts you can request access to those manuals. Note the electrical manuals are seperate documents to the workshop manuals so most people want the 3 manuals.

Do you still have your TD5? What do you use your Defenders for?

Welcome to LR4x4 :)

This link has been a massive help as I couldn't find a work shop manually for my 2.2 63 plate 90 and from what I can see no difference between the two years so this has been great..

Only one question has anyone found a more usable version as this manual as it's 1400 pages so none of the indexes work and you have to Ali its go through every page to find the bit you need.  Not complaining as it's a lot better than not having anything at all.

 I spotted on another thread that someone had scaled down the text for the earlier models so does anyone know of a version like that for the later Puma's?



(great forum, really useful advise and help)

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