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Which window seal?


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Hi all.

I'm repainting my hard top at the moment. I took out the rear quarterlights (the ones on the back panel either side of the rear door) and the rubber seals were absolutely shot and fell to pieces.

I can't now find the sealing strip for sale anywhere! Nearest I've got is this: clicky link Anybody got any ideas?

The seal I took out was in two pieces - the main seal and then a second smaller sealing bead that pushed into it.

Thanks all,


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Okay, managed to get the windows in at the weekend. Well, almost - after fitting the main seal and glass, I couldn't then get the smaller filler strip in. Has anyone any suggestions?




its a pain of a job, but it can be done. You may need the proper tool from someone like Woolies Trim, or you can make one with heavy wire. Needs to part the sides of the main seal and then you push the second seal in.

I did the curved ones on a truck cab - first one took 2 hours, second one 15 minutes !



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