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Power Steering Box

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I have noticed a small weep from the steering box that has just started.

Do these weeps grow fast or slow?

As I have noticed it early should I do a repair kit on the box and catch it in time or is it a waste of time and just get a new one from paddocks when it gushes.


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How long is a piece of string?

No one will be able to tell you how long it will drip before it goes completely and in some ways that's up to

the guy who M.O.T's it for you. But on the plus side when it does go/need replacing, I doubt you will go with

new (they are stupid money, or you could be loaded and don't care, me I'm married so will never be loaded :rolleyes: )

usually you get a reconditioned unit and usually it's a swap for your knackered one. The recons are about tonne cheaper

than new and come with warranty. Just had mine done and it was more than a drip but still not falling it's M.O.T

just happened to get a new take off at the right price :P

Hope this helps cheeres Mutley

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Hi there,

If you have just few drops here and there and there is no large play, then try few drops of break fluid in the steering container. It suppose to seal the drip. But check other posts for details - it was discussed here extensively before

I had to change mine about two months ago. The play was so big that I actually had to steer to go straight.

The drips made a large ugly looking spot on my parking - so, it was about the time.

I have ordered a recon one from Paddock. It took them some time to come back to me saying that they do not have the recons any more and suggested a new one. It was more expensive indeed and now I'm left with the old one - something for the time I'll retire (I'm 37 :-))

The swap took about 2 hours - not easy to hold it from the bottom in the position by one hand and try to fit in the bolts by the other.

I had to ask my wife to push "that" rusty knob in and turn it to the right ;-)

Have fun,


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