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i went to my first proper offroad day to play in my landy, and see what shes capable of.

i wasn't pushing it too far as my snorkel isn't waterproof yet and i'm only on all terrains, but watching everyone else going through nice deep puddles gave me some fun ideas.

i am about to upgrade my snorkel to a safari but i am aware that i need to fit a wading kit and make sure everything is waterproof before i plunge too deep and get myself into trouble.

i have looked at a few different posts on here about wading kits but only bits and pieces.

so... please could someone tell me what i need to make waterproof and what else i need to do in order to make my land rover swim.

i want to make sure that everything is covered so that as a worst case senario of me getting stuck half way through deep water i won't break anything. i was looking at a wading kit on paddocks, has anyone had one, does it come with everything i need or will i need more?

Also what does the wading kit attach to i know there are breathers on the axels but i heard there are more places other then just those.

thanks for any help in advance.

all the best


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Don't buy a kit, it isn't worth it.

The things you need to do are:

- Extend the big hole where the air goes in (=snorkel)

- Fill all the little ones between there and the engine (like in the bottom of the air filter housing, etc)

- The main gearox and transfer box have breather points and these should already be fitted

- Front and rear axle breathers (these already have breather holes, but may not have the pipes on). If not, they are 1/8 BSP threaded, just ripe to fit some 1/8"BSP 6mm right angle connectors (from Ebay, for instance, for quids). Run some 6mm OD nylon pipe (also on Ebay) from these to just under the bonnet, in the engine compartment.

- Get the wading plugs for the bellhousing drain hole and the timing cover drain hole and fit them prior to wading. Remove them after use.

You should now be able to exceed the 500mm LR recommended maximum wading depth by a small amount without major damage :D

If feel the need to spend all day up to the seatbases in water, you could also consider adding breathers to the bell housing and timing cover, connecting all the breathers together to a manifold on the bulkhead and then running one line up your snorkel. Also, the ECU is under the seats (if you have such a thing, an ECU that is) so move that too.

if you have an electric fan consider fitting an off switch to stop it burning out under water, but fit a warning light to remind you.

Regular dashboard-level wading will play havoc with upholstery, radios, instruments, etc., so I wouldn't go there.

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dont bother with wading plugs as you'll only loose them when removed-fit a maleXfemale 1/4" ball valve like this;


to the drain port in the timing case and clutch housing-just reach under and close them before wading and open afterwards.

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